The Bromont

The Bromont spa is designed to be used 4 seasons. Your environment will be used to create a space where it will be good to rejuvenate your mind and your body. This privileged place will become your private place of tranquility. Depending on the season, you can welcome family and friends.

The Charlevoix

The Charlevoix is a versatile spa can be used year-round and has the capacity to seat nine people .  It is designed to be either completely dugged into the ground or semi-dugged; all depending on your landscaping needs.   The faux stone rim gives it a natural look.

The Gatineau

A very popular model from launch, this pool delights owners thanks to its length and simple, streamlined shape. This modern pool harmonizes perfectly with any décor.


The Montreal

With its urban, sophisticated look, this pool wears its name well. Its straight lines and streamlined shape maximize the swimming area while still including a relaxation area with benches and whirlpool jets.


The Toronto

The ultimate pool for family fun! Its ample size holds multiple simultaneous swimmers comfortably. Separating the shallow end from the deep end, its large bench can easily seat up to 7 people.

The Drummondville

Our expertise has enabled us to develop a model allowing you to take advantage of 2 comfort zones: spa and pool.
With the addition of a separating table and a gas heater, you will be able to heat the spa section independently within a couple of minutes.


The Sherbrooke

A perfect compromise between pool and spa, with 6 whirlpool jets and moulded benches. This versatile model is a stylish option for smaller spaces.


F-3 oval

Here is a model with a timeless style. With its easy installation and maintenance, you will enjoy a comfortable, safe summer. This fibreglass pool has been one of our best sellers for many years. With its oval, all-purpose shape, this pool can be used with any exterior layout.


F-22 contemporary

Contemporary in-ground pool offering a spacious, pleasant place for everyone. Dream pool that will make your backyard relaxation time more enjoyable during the day and oh-so-cosy in the evening.


F-28 rectangular contemporary

Sleek rectangular layout with a tanning ledge large enough to hold lounge chairs, this model simply stands out. The F-28 also features a flat bottom, maximizing the play area.


The Québec

A contemporary model with a simple, Zen look, this flat-bottomed pool is easy to maintain and offers plenty of space and features. Its ultra-relaxing spa corner is equipped with 6 adjustable whirlpool jets.


The Ottawa

A perfect fit for any backyard, this pool is fashionably streamlined and linear. It features wide steps and whirlpool jets for relaxation. Its flat bottom maximizes the swimming area.


The Granby

This stylish new model features clean, straight lines. With its flat bottom and uniform depth, this is an ideal pool for families and athletes because it maximizes the swimmable area. There are also built-in benches with whirlpool jets, for relaxing after a good swim.


The Trois-Rivières

Ideal for small spaces, this model shatters the myth that only a big pool can be beautiful and enjoyable. Its small size helps reduce the cost of upkeep and operation, and makes it possible to use a heat-retaining cover, just like a spa.